Office of the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
Office of the Lt. Gov, Rebecca Kleefisch - Press Release

Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Secretary Chandler Release Tax Reform Report

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - Press Release

Today, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler released their “Report to the Governor” at the conclusion of their statewide, year-long tax reform roundtable tour.  The pair held 23 roundtables across the state and received feedback via  The ideas and perspectives they heard are collected in this new report, along with background information on taxation in Wisconsin.
“Over the past year, Secretary Chandler and I have traveled from one end of the state to the other listening to the people of Wisconsin,” said the Lt. Governor.  “We went as observers, not advocates, looking for the best ideas and honest input of Wisconsin’s taxpayers.  Today’s report is the culmination of that effort as we give the Governor our assessment of where citizens want us to head as a state.  The good news is that we’re on the right track with the $2 billion in tax relief these past four years, but people feel like we still have more work to do to bring the tax burden down for families and job creators.  This report on people’s ideas and attitudes will help inform our thinking as we approach the next biennial budget.”
Secretary Chandler commented, “We received a lot of very thoughtful input about tax reform from citizens all across Wisconsin.  People clearly appreciate the tax relief they've seen in the last four years and want to see continued tax reduction and tax reform.  A wide variety of specific suggestions were offered.  In particular, taxpayers want to see lower property and income taxes.”
Undertaken at the request of Governor Scott Walker, their tax reform tour has hosted roundtables throughout the state.  These roundtables include a wide variety of perspectives: small business owners, farmers, veterans, realtors, retirees, doctors, and working parents, among many others.   They also held roundtables specifically focused on seniors, students, young professionals, and farmers.
The report can be accessed here