Office of the Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
Office of the Lt. Gov, Rebecca Kleefisch - Press Release

I'm Going To Japan...and Illinois

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - Press Release

Along with the governors of Iowa, Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska, I am headed to Japan for the Midwest US-Japan Association conference. Our Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation will be there, too, as we anticipate so many opportunities to sell our state that it will take more than just one salesman. Our team will also land in Taiwan for a couple of days to sell Wisconsin there, too. Our goals are twofold: we want to increase Japanese companies’ awareness of business opportunities in our state and we’re looking to find some potential investors for our high-growth areas of manufacturing, energy, power and controls, bio-science, and food and beverage processing.
We announced our trip this past week at Chart Industries in La Crosse, which makes equipment to process natural gas, and Hsu Ginseng in Wausau, which grows and sells ginseng.
One of the companies we’ll be meeting with in Japan is Topcon. Interestingly enough, they just bought a Ft. Atkinson-based manufacturer of high-tech agricultural weight sensors. We want to continue growth in our $88.5 billion agriculture industry so, before the trip overseas I whipped down to Illinois this week. I carried a bagful of flash drives loaded with Wisconsin agricultural-industry information to give to potential investors at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur. I was joined by my colleague Lt. Governors, Kim Reynolds from Iowa and Sue Ellspermann of Indiana.
They are my good friends but when it comes to courting customers for Wisconsin ... I’m a homer all the way. But more economic growth means more choices and opportunities for our friends and neighbors, and that’s what I’m after, from East Asia to Bears country.