Tax Reform Roundtables

At the request of Governor Walker, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler traveled Wisconsin listening to people from every industry, every region, and every walk of life, share their ideas on tax reform. All together, they held 23 Tax Reform Roundtables across the state hearing from everyday taxpayers on their thoughts and suggestions.

"This [was] an outstanding opportunity for the hardworking taxpayers to voice their opinions and offer suggestions on Wisconsin’s tax climate," Governor Walker said. "I want to lower the overall tax burden every year I’m in office, and these Tax Reform Roundtables will start the conversation with the people of our state about their priorities for future tax reform."

From the property taxes paid by a senior citizen to income taxes paid by a student starting her career, Wisconsin has many taxes which impact people in varying ways. These Roundtables covered property, income, sales and business taxes, so they were not about any one specific proposal. The conversation with taxpayers centered on the impact all taxes have on Wisconsin families and businesses.

These initial conversations were just the beginning of a much broader conversation with Wisconsinites about lowering the state tax burden. Taxes weigh on the budgets of families and employers, and lowering them encourages the economy and helps Wisconsin's hardworking families.

The data from the Roundtables was collected and incorporated in the 2014 Wisconsin's Tax Relief and Reform Report to Governor Walker, which can be accessed here

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